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motivated student searches for voluntary job with children and young people in Australia, Spain or Italy

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My Name ist Lisette Kuss and I am 17 years old.
I will take final exams this June 2019 and I would like to do a voluntary, social year afterwards.

Different cultures and countrys have always appealed to me and I love the challenge in adapting to new environments.
I already speak english and french and I am very interested in lerning a new language.

Moreover I am very committed in projects that has to do with children and young people.
In the 10th grade, I gave homework tutoring at my high school. I always had a very good connection with the kids and had the feeling as if I could helped them a lot with their homework.

I have a lot to do with chidren of all ages in my freetime as well. Since my two neighbours, who are currently six and nine years old, were babys, I used to play with them, babysitted them and helped them out wehenever they had questions in school. I am like a big sister for them and always somebody they can rely on.

I am often helping out my mom, who is a teacher, in primary school and for example support her in her class or at performances, she used to do in school with her children.

In my freetime I am doing a lot of sports. I am playing football for six years in the football club SV Titisee, going cross-country-skiing, swimming or going out for walks with my family a lot .

Since the 7th grade I am in a drama club at school and I really love playing theater.

I would describe myself as very, open minded and communicative. I am very motivated to work with children and young people of all ages and different cultures and to get new experiences and competences.

German: native speaker; english: fluent; french:basic


ab 2019 bis 2020 möglich
mit Kindern, Kultur / Sport, Bildung / Unterrichten
Australien, Schweden, Spanien, Italien