Freiwilligendienst in Dänemark / EFD

ESK in der Højboskolen in Denmark

EFD Dänemark
Ab September 2022 für 10 Monate
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Eléonore Janik
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Højboskolen are looking for 4 volunteers from different countries for about 10-11 months (almost a school year) to participate in the activities at the school and the Afterschool Club. The volunteers will be participating in language classes, receiving classes, creative subjects, the school canteen and activities in the After School club. Apart from this they will do individual projects, e.g. a solidarity project and film, photo and other creative activities and events with the pupils.

The school has an After School Club for the children from 5-10 years, which is open all weekdays from when the school ends and until 5 PM. At the After School Club many creative, sports, indoor and outdoor activities are offered to the children.

Højboskolen is situated in Hørning, a small town with about 7300 inhabitants in the outskirts of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. The 550 pupils are mostly inhabitants of Hørning and they come from all walks of life. About 15% of the pupils are bilinguals with different cultural backgrounds.

Højboskolen is known for teaching the pupils to become open minded and tolerant citizens and the effort has shown visible results: Our pupils seem to include each other across classes and cultural differences. The school is experiencing a process of internationalisation, in which the Solidarity Corps project is one of several activities. Other activities are e.g. teaching, at some subjects, at Cambridge level and international work camps. We put great emphasis on language skills as well as cultural understanding from an early age, and our pupils are being taught English from 1st grade and German from 5th grade.

Anforderungen an den Freiwilligen

Bewirb dich bei uns, wenn

- du engagiert bist
- motiviert bist Dänisch zu lernen

Bewerbung bis zum 31.12.2022

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