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ESK in Gimle: Kulturcafé für Studenten in Dänemark

EFD Dänemark
12 Monate ab September 2021
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Eléonore Janik
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ESK Projekt im Gimle: Kultur- und Musikcafé für Studenten

Project environment:
The voluntary activities will take place at Gimle, which is a music venue, cultural café and Student house. Gimle is located in Roskilde, a city with about 60.000 inhabitants. Roskilde is famous for the annual rock festival “Roskilde Festival”, and is nearby Copenhagen.

The voluntary activities will take place at a music venue and cultural café along side with other volunteers, both local and international, and the staff. Gimle is a very active house, with about 50 volunteers to run the many activities. There are many volunteers every day and therefore a great social life. The local volunteers are mainly between 18 and 26 years old.

The ESC volunteers daily activities are to bartend, help cooking, sell tickets, and help run the cultural café. Here there is small concerts, debates, workshops and many other activities that the ESC volunteers help arrange and run. They also have shifts on the big music venue (capacity for up to 550 guests) where they are stagehands, bartenders, or work in the entrance.

The volunteers arrange many activities at Gimle and there is a great opportunity to get experience with event planning, evolve ones creativity or ability to be in charge of events. As an ESC volunteer one can work with sound engineering, concert booking, making activities in the café such as international café evenings, children’s café and so on. The staff at Gimle has many years of experience with organizing events and concerts and therefore help create a good environment for creative evolvement.
Up to now there have been four ESC volunteers at the same time, who live together in a house which is 5 minutes away from Gimle by bike. Gimle provides bikes and the well-being of the house.

Our aim is to host five ESC volunteers in the future, so there is more time for personal Projects beside the main project which is to run the cultural café.

You can see a video about the project here:


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