Freiwilligendienst in Frankreich / EFD

ESK in Belfort, Frankreich

EFD Frankreich
12 Monate ab September 2020
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Eléonore Janik
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As part of its cooperation with the Landkreis Harz (initiated in 199, the Conseil departemental du Territoire de Belfort is looking for a German voluntary, for one year. The goals are:
- to enable an exchange of good practices around issues concerning environment, sustainable development
- to raise awareness of different audiences (including children) about preserving environment and European citizenship.

Location (s) of the mission
The mission will take place in the Territoire de Belfort, in the Conseil departmental’s offices: either the Department’s Hall in the center of Belfort, or the Malsaucy (“Departmental Environment House” and boating base of Malsaucy), at 7 km from Belfort.

Content of the mission
The mission is set around 3 activities, but the content may move depending on the dynamism, the wishes and the volunteer’s profile (time distribution of activities is given as an indication):
Activity 1: Raising awareness about environment : between 1 and 3 days a week
- Interventions for different audiences of the boating base of Malsaucy and the “Departmental Environment House” on issues related to environment,
- Proposals for entertaining and educational activities for pupils aged 10-11 living two “integration days” in Malsaucy
- Creating awareness tools about sustainable development destined to children and adults

Activity 2 : Raising awareness about international mobility of young people and Europe – 1 to 2 days a week
- Support to the animation of the County youth council (13 to 15 years) about topics like citizenship, Europe, solidarity, and eventually sustainable development and environment,
- Creating awareness tools for this thematic, dedicated to young people,
- Tour to colleges to promote culture, exchanges, French-German exchanges and german language,
- Facilitation of workshops on international mobility, Europe, citizenship, French-German relations with children and teenagers.

Activity 3 : Support for Franco-German decentralized cooperation about youth, cultural, sport and tourism development : 1 to 3 days a week
- Support for youth projects implemented between Belfort and Landkreis Harz,
- Support to realize the partnerships in tourism, cultural and sports with our german partner,
- Proposals for entertaining and educational activities to make aware of Europe, citizenship and French-German relationship with children and teenagers,
- Facilitation of workshops on Europe, citizenship, French-German relations, with children and teenagers

Mission Duration: 1 year (September - August)

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Anforderungen an den Freiwilligen

- Aged 18-30 years,
- Notions on issues related to sustainable development, environment and Europe,
- Interest for young audiences (children 6-15 years),

Experience or training in the fields of environment and sustainable development and / or animation capabilities are a plus.

Benötige Sprachkenntnisse

Keine Grundkentnisse erforderlich

Bewerbung bis zum 15.12.2020

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