Freiwilligendienst in Polen / EFD

EVS in einem Zentrum für Kinder mit Behinderungen in Warschau

EFD Polen
ab dem 01.09 für 10 Monate
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Eléonore Janik
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Education, Rehabilitation and Welfare Centre Helenow

The main role of the volunteers will be to support assistants, educators and therapists of the Special Education and Treatment Centre, Specialist After School Centre, Autonomous Health Care Centre and Graduate Club. Their tasks will include helping with care activities as well as with running therapies and after school activities.

Depending on the unit, where the volunteer will be working at, following task are possible:
1. Specialist After School Centre
- help with organising after-school activities for children and youth: transporting the pupils on the area of the Centre, helping them with self-care activities;
- help with running planned after-school activities.
2. Special Education and Treatment Centre
- help with running day room activities for the pupils of the boarding school;
- help with homework and self-study activities for the pupils of the boarding school;
- help with self-care activites
- transporting the pupils on the area of the dormitory and the Centre;
- help with organising and running optional and free time activities at the dormitory and during excursions and trips.
3. Autonomous Health Care Centre
- supporting therapists in conducting therapies such as physical therapy, music therapy, art therapy or hippotherapy (video about the hippotherapy: )
4. The Graduate Club
Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu – FIYE Poland
ul. Tamka 49/11, 00-355 Warszawa, Poland
- help with running activities such as sport activities, excursions, shopping;
- organising and running language workshops (teaching foreign languages in an informal way through games, exercises, doing tasks, e. g. shopping, together);
- organising and running culture workshops presenting the volunteer’s country and culture.
Working part time for other units of the Centre will be also possible.

Video about the organisation:

General information about the projects in Warsaw
Practical arrangements: The volunteers will be living on the premises of their host organisations in simple conditions, they will share rooms. All meals will be served at a canteen (there is no possibility to receive money for food). All the volunteers will participate in a preparatory meeting, evaluation meetings and Polish lessons. Transportation cost to Polish lessons and evaluation meetings will be covered.

Anforderungen an den Freiwilligen

Frau oder Mann zwischen 18. und 29. Jahre alt

Benötige Sprachkenntnisse

Keine Grundkentnisse erforderlich

Bewerbung bis zum 16.12.2019

Bitte bewirb dich bitte direkt bei dem Träger dieser Freiwilligendienststelle in Polen:

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