Freiwilligendienst in Tschechien / EFD

EVS in einem Waldkindergarden

EFD Tschechien
12 Monate ab September
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Eléonore Janik
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“Whole project of our kindergarten is based on the German model of Waldkindergartens, distinguished by its commitment to total nature immersion, interest-led flow learning, emergent curriculum, place-based focus, inquiry-based teaching style and authentic play. Jelinek Forest Kindergarten’s philosophy is that children need to spend a large portion of their day outdoors to get the stimulation and natural learning experiences they are born to crave. We believe that hands-on experiential learning is the best educational approach for children. Being outdoors provides them with not only fresh air, it encourages imaginative play, creativity, hand-eye coordination, balance, physical strength and mental clarity. When classroomchildren’s natural curiosity is encouraged, learning flows organically from stimuli encountered in the outdoors.
We have 15 children in a group in the age of 3 - 6. Our community is focused on sustainable development and cooperation. There are plenty of possibilities to join young families living in the countryside, art and craft groups - especially potters. We have beautiful caves, lakes and nature around. We believe that young volunteer can learn a lot by participating in work in and around the Kindergarten.

Focus of the whole organization is
- supporting healthy physical and psychological development, motivating towards healthy lifestyle, strengthening relationship with nature, its protection and sustainable development
- positive contribution to enhancement of public spaces in towns and villages
- creating harmony in interpersonal relationships, supporting friendships, respecting differences and feeling of belonging between parents, children and general public across generations
- partnership with non profit organizations, local, city and government authorities which have the same focus
We have web sites where where you can have a look to the gallery..that one can make a brief picture how it looks in our kindergarten and what kind of people are around...even from photos you never get the right picture.

Our Forest Kindergarten Jelinek ( little deer) is situated in the beautifull area of Moravian hills in a small town Kunstat ( with long ceramics art history and well known pottery market happening each September.

It is peacefull town 45 minutes by bus from Brno, the second biggest town of Czech, and 12 km from the beautifull town Boskovice where are many cultural events going on.

We are 12 young families...all good friends who have started the kindergarten..we were thinking about 2 volunteers but as we are starting with all this we have decided for one in this turn. We would like to invite someone who is interested in forest kindergarten concept of preschool education, children, ecology, sustainable developement, self suffiency, gardening...we would like someone who would like to assist us everyday...there is always one pedagog and one assistent...sometimes someone from parents...we mostly spend all the time the winter afternoons inside with some creative work..we do music happenings every month with african drums..we cook outside on the fire..we do all different celebrations like The Day for Earth, Family day, Harvest thanks, Christmas together...many many... We have great group of young people (23-32 years old) around helping us with different events for kids and they are open to be mentors for volunteers..They are very nice people focusing on art and craft, practicing yoga, they have music I think that they would be great connection for life after kindergarten.

We are lucky to be supported by our we have beautifull forest chalet at the edge of the town already inside the forest..we have wood stove for heating but as well gas..all what is important..there is also one room upstairs with little kitchen and bathroom and beautifull terrace..but one have to be brave and open to spend time alone in the forest.


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