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ESK in Pecs/Ungarn - Arbeit in einer Nachmittagsschule

EFD Ungarn
Ab September 2020 für 10 Monate
Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Eléonore Janik
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Lions School Pecs-Normandia (Pecs)
Mitarbeit in einer Nachmittagsschule für Kinder aus benachteiligten Familien: Unterstützung bei der Hausaufgaben, Sprachunterricht, Freizeitaktivitäten usw.



Pécs is the fifth largest city of Hungary, with 150000 inhabitants, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains, in the south-west of the country. The city is about 200 km from Budapest, close to the border with Croatia. It is the administrative and economic centre of Baranya County, and has the most important role in the whole South Transdanubia Region of Hungary.
Pécs always has been a multicultural city with many cultural values that have resulted a colorful cultural life. Since 2010 it has raised to another level, when the city was one of the European Capitols of Culture. There are represented minorities in Pécs: Roma, German, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Greek.
The University of Pécs – was founded in 1367 is the oldest university of Hungary, and with its nearly 20,000 students and 10 faculties is one of the largest universities in the country.
Nowadays each year more and more foreign young people are studying at the university in Pécs, arriving form the most different areas of the world.


The LIONS-house – where our organisation’s activities take place – is located in one of the central parts of the city. It is siutuated in the direct neighbourhood of the the railway station and the local bus station. From there with taking only one bus, nearly every part of the city is reachable. The coach station is about 10 minutes and the city central is about 15 minutes by walk.
With our LIONS House’s easy reach the LIONS School’s children arrive from every part of the city and from the surrounding villages. Most of the children are underpriviliged, delegated by the Children-Care Service.
The LIONS-house also has a parental accomodation part, where the sick children’s parents can stay for free during the treatment period of their children. This accomodation – which is only 500 meters far from the Children”s Hospital – is a huge help for the parents, who can’t afford to pay for a flat or a room.

Typical tasks for the volunteers

The LIONS School activity covers the underpriviliged student's free daily supply and coaching. Beyond the homework completion, practising and study-catching up, the children working in small groups are able to acquire foreign – english and german – languages and other competencies and skills in playful circumstances. In this way many of our aims fit to the ESC program: competency-based education, developing skills and abilities to become succesful responsible adults.
We have a daily schedule, and involving ESC volunteers to the activites, would make our work more colorful and more up to par, and the underpriviliged children could become a more openned personalities to the world. At the same time the volunteers' competencies would be developing as well.

Every weekday – a number of 14-16 – children are arriving between 12:45 to 14:00. We would involve the ESC volunteers to welcome them. It is a special period for the children before the learning, because there is a room for the arriving, for relaxing, for playing and for attune to the learning. This can be a very valuable time, but it’s a main challenge to make it valuable indeed, because nowadays the main thing a child would like to do is dabbing the phone and play on it. They don’t even realize, but actually they can become lonely in the society of the other children. So it is a challenge to open the children, to involve them in society games, or just speak with them about their day or about their problems.

The LIONS School leader’s task is to turn this hour valuable, but the ESC volunteers will be there to help in it, and there will be always the possibility to bring their own ideas. This would developing the volunteers communication skills, social competences and the sense of initiative.
After the preparing and playing hour, one part of the children starting to learn with hungarian volunteers, and the other part of them has language club with the ESC volunteers. When the children finishing their homework and practising, they will take part in he language club, and the other children will doing their homework. Of course the whole system will be very flexible, because at each day and at each child the school-material volume is different. These language clubs are suitable for the ESC volunteers to develope the communications in foreign languages or in the mother tongue (depends on the volunteer’s mother tongue).

During the work with the children and with take part in the community games, the volunteers will get an interesting insight into the social and cultural life of the children. The volunteers will get skills in sensitivity, patience and creativity. During their work with children they can acquire educational abilities, practical and theoretical knowledge about the children, experience dealing with them. Develop social values like respect for other people, readiness to help, solidarity, kindness and understanding.

In the evenings the volunteers have either a hungarian lesson or the opportunity to give a language club or a taste of their own culture to the parents, who stay at the parental accommodation part of the LIONS-house (which is the other main activity of our organization).
In every week (according to the timetable: Monday morning) the ESC volunteers can visit a local school’s form master’s class to share their experience about the Erasmus+ and ESC , and they can present the culture of their country as well. This program, along with the evenings with the sick children’s parents are very important in developing the cultural awareness and expression competence of the ESC volunteers.

Easch week there will be a few hour for gardening in he LIONS-house with the caretaker, developing the environmental awareness, and they will have the possibility to realise own programs to show their creativity and developing their skills. With set up own prpjects and the opportunity to present them, the ESC volunteers can developing their digital competence and possible during the process the mathematical and basic competences in science and technology as well.
Alltogether with the hungarian lessons and with the weekly evaluations the worktime is about 37-38 hours/week.

The volunteers take part only in the creative developing activities they are not substitute paid workers.

Profile of Volunteer (1 form Germany and 1 from Finnland)
No special previous knowledge is requested of the volunteers. The most important thing, that they should enjoy and be interested in working with children. While they spend a relativly big part of their time with children, it would be necessary to have the quality of sensitivity, patience, open-minding and conforming.
It would be a big advantage if they have english or german knowledge, because it would make the communication easier and would make the planned language clubs more high standard. It would be also very useful, if they could bring creative ideas, but actually their staying here can develop their creativity level and their sense of initiative.
1 girl and 1 boy would be the best fit to our activity, because each person could bring her and his own nature to the program. We will pay attention to ensure the gender equality, to select one girl and one boy for our projects.
Our organisation has a wide range international partnership to spread information in our networks, and we are open for the co-operation with various sending organisations. We are motivated to involve ESC volunteers, because our aim is to help our children in being more openminded. Reaching this aim is more effective and colorful in a multicultural environment.


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